AP® 課程

翻譯Primacy’s Advanced Placement® Program (AP®)  is designed to model the college experience in level of course difficulty and information covered. It will help students practice the challenge of a college level course and possibly earn college credit or advanced placement while still in the familiarity and support of the high school environment. Students will gain valuable study skills in reading, problem solving, critical thinking, and writing. These skills will help students be more successful in all of their college classes.

Many colleges look at the AP® Courses on a student’s transcript in deciding who they enroll in their college, as they are impressed with students who are willing to challenge themselves with fairly difficult classes.The AP® program began in 1955 in Kenyon College in Ohio and quickly expanded over the entire United States. Today, 85% of colleges and universities in the United States and over 600 other colleges and universities around the world in sixty different countries honor AP® classes in choosing which students they want to enroll and in giving college credit or advanced placement. Many of these same schools look at AP® courses when choosing who they award scholarships to.

The AP® program here at Primacy is divided into two parts, the AP® Course and the AP® Exam. By passing the AP® Exam with a score of three or higher out of five, most colleges will award college credit for the course. Studio Art students submit a portfolio rather than an exam, with the portfolio graded on a scale of 6-Excellent to 1-Poor. Passing an AP® exam makes it easier for students to complete their General Education requirements (GEs) for their majors, saving considerable amounts of money on tuition, and allowing students to take more advanced classes sooner in their college career. In order to take the AP® Exam here at Primacy, a student needs to have completed the corresponding AP® Course here at Primacy.

  To enroll in an AP® Course here at Primacy a student must have at least a 3.0 GPA or an instructor’s permission. A student might also have to fulfill certain perquisite courses before they can be enrolled. Students are not required to take the AP® Exam if they took the AP® Course. We offer the following AP® Courses here at Primacy:

2017-2018 AP® 時程

  • AP® Parents Night: August 18
  • August 19 -Last day to enroll in an AP® Course
  • November 22 -TPCA AP® Student Intent to Test Due
  • Mid-January through March 2 -AP® Exam Registration
  • April 23-27 -AP® Practice Exams
  • April 26 -AP® Pre-Administration Session
  • May 7-18 -AP® Exams (Limited to exams for courses we teach)
  AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission