College Fair!

Tomorrow – October 13th, Primacy will host eight (8) universities! It will begin with Lunch with Recruiter, then there will be a window of opportunity for parents to meet “one on one” with the university of your choice. For students who have Study Hall B-Day Period 6, you, too, can schedule to meet with any …

2 Universities to Visit Tomorrow

2 universities are coming tomorrow; Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (lunch time, 6th floor), and Temple University (8:30am 2nd floor). 10th graders are required for Embry Riddle. Parents are welcome to attend.

Primacy Sabbath this weekend

This coming Sabbath we are going to have a Primacy Sabbath! Come! Bring a friend, bring a parent. Stay for an hour, stay for the day. It’s up to you, just come and enjoy the fellowship.