Academic Schedule for Fall 2016

Registration for next semester is happening now!

1. Enrollment Office -Ms. Cancy
2. Choose your classes -Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Longfellow
3. Technology -Mr. G
4. Uniform & Photo -Ms. Ma-ann
5. Final verification -Mr. Diaz rm 204

Graduation is upon us!

Graduation is THIS WEEKEND! This year’s venue is at NTU. Convocation will start on Friday night, June 3, at 6:30pm. Graduation will be Saturday night, June 4, at 8pm. Come and help us celebrate and wish the Class of 2016 a great future!

Introduction to Law -Field Trip

“Introduction to Law” class had a field trip to Taipei District Court. They tried on their robes to be in different roles.  Later, they went to a court room to observe three criminal trials.  They really had a great time in the court!  Thank you, Mrs. Caldwell for taking your students. Purple Robes -Philip, Joseph, …

Mission Trip 2016, Yunnan Province, China

18 adventurous students set out for a very memorable Spring Break.  Working in conjunction with Eliv, the students spent 10 days in the cold, upper elevations of China’s Yunnan Province building cowsheds to help establish a sustainable resource for children’s education and opportunities for ethnic groups. In the process, they bonded with the villagers and each …