2016 Graduation

We say farewell and good luck to the Senior Class of 2016.
God go with you in your new pursuits.

Academic Schedule for Fall 2016

Registration for next semester is happening now!

1. Enrollment Office -Ms. Cancy
2. Choose your classes -Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Longfellow
3. Technology -Mr. G
4. Uniform & Photo -Ms. Ma-ann
5. Final verification -Mr. Diaz rm 204

Graduation is upon us!

Graduation is THIS WEEKEND! This year’s venue is at NTU. Convocation will start on Friday night, June 3, at 6:30pm. Graduation will be Saturday night, June 4, at 8pm. Come and help us celebrate and wish the Class of 2016 a great future! http://gg.gg/2016TPCAGraduation

Introduction to Law -Field Trip

“Introduction to Law” class had a field trip to Taipei District Court. They tried on their robes to be in different roles.  Later, they went to a court room to observe three criminal trials.  They really had a great time in the court!  Thank you, Mrs. Caldwell for taking your students. Purple Robes -Philip, Joseph, …