Student Ambassador, Jessica Liao

This semester TPCA continues to profile a few students who we recognize as Student Ambassadors. These students embody the Primacy values in the pursuit of excellence and are leaders to their peers. Please meet Ms. Jessica Liao.

Oh, the places they’ll go

Where are TPCA students going to university? This week we have an infographic showing some of the universities our 2016 graduates will be attending this coming fall. See below… PLEASE NOTE YOU CAN ALSO VISIT OUR WEBPAGE (HTTP://TPCA.TP.EDU.TW/), FACEBOOK AND TWITTER(HTTPS://TWITTER.COM/TPRIMACYCA) PAGES TO LEARN MORE ABOUT TPCA AS WELL AS OTHER EDUCATIONAL TOPICS THAT MAY INTEREST YOU.

Learning Communities, part III

This is the third and final part of the blog series on Learning Communities. So far we have covered how the Primacy mission drives the direction of our Learning Community (part one), also the essential features of a Learning Community; focus and collaboration (part two). The results of a learning community are simple. These results embody a supportive …

This Week’s Infographic

Everything we do at Primacy has a purpose and is linked to outcomes in areas of student development. Part of that is our commitment to continuous improvement. This week’s Infographic introduces a few facilities updates we have made over the past year.   See below… Please note, you can also visit our webpage (, Facebook and Twitter( pages to …