Up Up & Away!

Started by Mrs. Morris, P.E. teacher of The Primacy Collegiate Academy, in response to one of the school’s four pillars “Live Healthfully,” the Basketball Intramurals is a series of competitive basketball games between Houses. Today marks the fourth week of the Basketball Intramurals. Looking back at the tournament, week two has got to be the most fascinating of weeks, one characterised by many high-level showdowns. Among them was the game between Green and Yellow House, both teams gave their all, putting their reputation on the line. Being named players of the week for two continuous weeks, players such as Andy Chu from Green House, Rush Yang from Blue House, and Sean Hsu from Gray House showcased tremendous heart and superior skills. The Week 2 games ended with Gray and Blue House both securing victories while Green House tied Yellow House in total points.


By: Jeremy Wang & Richard Tiong | Edited by: Justin Chen- Journalism Class