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Russian Study Tour


Where else would be a better place to enjoy a fulfilling spring break other than Russia?  It gives us pleasure to announce that this year’s Spring Break Study Tour takes place in the behemoth of a country across Northern Eurasia. Leading the tour, you guessed it, is Mrs. Popova, AP World History teacher of The Primacy Collegiate Academy and a Russian woman born and bred. Recovering from a decade of post-Soviet economic and political turmoil, Russia seeks to regain some of the industrial and military might it once had. Touring the flamboyant Kremlin and the grandiose Saint Basil Cathedral of the Red Square, only a few lucky students will get to relive the Russian Empire’s glorious past. This trip would give students a chance to have a profound insight into Russia’s culture,  people, and most importantly the Russian spirit of sheer persistence. He who travels far knows much. We at Primacy, genuinely hope students could relish this eye-opening opportunity, meeting one of the Primacy twelve: international experience.

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By: Justin F. Chen