Senior Experience Day

Senior Experience has been a school tradition in which students of the senior class form  close bonds through group activities. Also a part of the event is the election of senior officers.

Unlike previous years, this year’s Senior Experience took place at Fulong Beach. We met at eight in the morning and arrived at the beach around nine. Kicking off a series of bonding activities, Dr. Adam’s “human knot” and “the minefield” games hyped up everyone in attendance. After the games, we spent two hours in the water swimming, splashing each other, and playing water polo.  We then had a brief lunch break. Enter the piece de resistance, the election of senior officers. Hannah Hsu was elected Senior Class President, Vincent Yuan treasurer, Annabel Lin pastor, and so on.  We, without a doubt, had a blast at Fulong Beach and shared unforgettable memories as  a class.

Written by Jessie Tsai, Edited by Justin Chen