Congratulations to Primacy Math Teacher

Congratulations to Primacy math teacher Ms. Joanne Ward for becoming a National Board Certified Teacher.   Becoming certified through the National Board is an arduous and demanding accomplishment. To become nationally certified teachers must pass 10 rigorous exams along with creating more than four portfolios and six exercises for assessing student content.  Ms. Ward joins an elite group of teachers as National Board statistics indicate that fewer than 3% of teachers who hold a state license in the USA hold national board certification.

Primacy’s Basement Band

The “Primacy Basement Band” kicked off the holiday season at the Taiwan Adventist Hospital by crooning employees and guests.  The band is a product of Primacy’s developing music program and a tribute to our many talented Primacy students.  The band is under the direction of Dr. Dwight Crichton.

Primacy Mission Trips

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, nearly 30 Primacy students gave of their time to serve. Projects included teaching elementary students English and volunteering at a local market. One of Primacy’s major goals is to assist our student in building the skills to effectively care for others.

Primacy Students Acknowledged in Scientific Study

Primacy students who participated in the Indonesian Research trip by Ms. Gardner this past summer have had their research work on butterflies published. Students participated in a study on butterfly ecology in Lasan, Indonesia. The result was the first ever published butterfly guide on this area of the world. You will find an acknowledgement of Primacy student’s work on page 1 long with a picture of the students on page 11. It should also be noted a number pictures in the publication were taken by Primacy students.