Our Team

Michael Berglund

Phone02-8866-4000 ext.136

Neil Hawkins

Executive Vice Principal and Office of University Admissions
Phone02-8866-4000 ext.150

Jeff Parks

Vice Principal of Student Affairs
Phone02-8866-4000 ext.101

Nestor Arce

Health, Journalism, Communications, Spanish, and Foods
Phone02-8866-4000 ext.112

Eric Hawkins

IT Coordinator
Phone02-8866-4000 ext.102

Andrew Caldwell

Vice Principal Academics & Office of Registrar
Phone02-8866-4000 ext.107

Joice Caldwell

Administrative Assistant
Phone02-8866-4000 ext.148

Scott Chang

Marketing, Promotions, & Special Events
Phone02-8866-4000 ext.109

Dwight Crichton

Psychology, Photography, and Art
Phone02-8866-4000 ext.128

Lindsay Gardner

Biology, Chemistry, and Anatomy & Physiology
Phone02-8866-4000 ext.139

Da Hsu

Facilities Manager
Phone02-8866-4000 ext.126

Victoria Johnson

Government, US History, and Video Production
Phone02-8866-4000 ext.134

Gabriel Jones

ELL, Coding, and Geography
Phone02-8866-4000 ext.129

Cancy Liao

Senior Enrollment Service Specialist
Phone02-8866-4000 ext.109

Caren Liao

Associate Registrar
Phone02-8866-4000 ext.103

Lauren Marsh

Chaplain, English II
Phone02-8866-4000 ext.106

Maria Morris

Athletic Director, Physical Science, Physical Education, and Health
Phone02-8866-4000 ext.127

Dr. Llyn Scott

American Literature, English I, British Literature, and AP English Composition
Phone02-8866-4000 ext.114

Eric Shen

Algebra I, Physics, Calculus, and SAT/ACT Prep
Phone02-8866-4000 ext.121

Grace Wang

Administrative Services
Phone02-8866-4000 ext.105

Wawa Wang

Administrative & Student Services
Phone02-8866-4000 ext.124

Joanne Ward

Economics, Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry
Phone02-8866-4000 ext.119

Grace Withmory

ELL Teacher, Photoshop, and Digital Art
Phone02-8866-4000 ext.123