It is the work of true education… to train youth to be thinkers, and not mere reflectors of other men’s thoughts.


-Ellen White

Upon admission, students of Primacy take an English-fluency exam that helps determine the appropriate level of language training that each student needs to be successful in an American high school curriculum. Once the language ability is assessed, the student begins classes at the appropriate level (see English Fluency Program for more details).  Students will be assigned a class status based on their language ability assessment and completed academic credits from: Open High, Pre-Open High, High School Prep 1 or 2.

During every semester a student is in the ESL Program, students will re-take the fluency exams to determine their progress until they show their language ability is strong enough to be successful in full American “Open High” curriculum. As the students move through the semesters and demonstrate their language skills have increased, they will take fewer ESL classes and more Open High classes until they are fully integrated in our Open High program.  During students’ Junior and Senior years while in the Open High program, students can take advantage of the AP® Program by taking college courses that will prepare them to be more successful once in college (see AP® Program for more details). 

In addition to our focus on English-fluency training, Primacy’s curriculum is designed to challenge students to excellence and prepare them for their coming college experiences. These challenges come through the information presented in class and students’ s participation in a wide variety of active learning experiences. We strive for our students to- purposefully and independently think, analyze, and understand material presented to them.

You can read a copy of our Primacy Student Handbook here


**The Primacy Collegiate Academy is an American High School Curriculum, Multilingual, International and Christian learning community environment for young people from different countries, especially for local Taiwan high school students.