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AP® Calculus AB


Luis Comparada BSc, MSc

Course Description

This course is designed to thoroughly acquaint the student with calculus content typically covered in a first year college calculus course. It is also aligned with the College Board AP®-Calculus standards so as to prepare the student for the AP®-Calculus AB exam.

Specific Objectives

Students will
1. understand the meaning of the derivative as a rate of change and a local linear approximation.
2. use derivatives to solve problems involving rates of change.
3. understand the relationship between the derivative and the definite integral.
4. write models of written physical situations using functions, differential equations, or integrals.
5. develop an appreciation of the power and utility of calculus.

Ongoing Independent Practice List:

List of Assignments
Solutions to Even-numbered Exercises

Lecture Materials

Euler’s Method Lecture Video
Euler’s Method slides
Finding Areas in the Plane slides
Finding Areas in the Plane note pages

AP® Calculus Resources (mostly from the College Board website):

Content of AP® Exam (including links to multiple choice and free response questions)

Links to Practice Problems on the Internet:

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