Primacy’s AP® Course and Exam Policies


Advanced Placement® (AP®) at Primacy will be limited to those relating to the AP® classes we offer. Primacy students must be enrolled in or have previously completed an AP® course to qualify for exams administrated by TPCA. Non-TPCA students may take the exam at TPCA provided they register for the exams before Primacy exam registration closes. Space to non-TPCA students will be limited to space and availability of resources. Non-TPCA students will be responsible for registering any SSD accommodations they require with the College Board by the College Board’s time table and notify Primacy before they order an exam through us. Non- TPCA students will be required to attend our Pre-Administration Meeting and will have the option to participate in the practice exam.

Besides prerequisite requirements already in place, a student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher to enroll in an AP® course. A student who wishes to take AP® and has lower than a 3.0 GPA must make a written appeal to the administration.

Students are NOT required to take the relevant AP® exam but must report their intent and financially commit 2 weeks prior to the reporting deadline (date to be communicated each year)

A student must have been enrolled in an equivalent AP® course at another location in order to transfer into the AP® course at any time past the standard, acceptable enrollment period.


Book fees for AP® classes are not included in the current fee structure for books. Students can purchase their own books. Required resources for each AP® course will be provided prior to enrollment in an AP® class.