The Primacy Collegiate Academy

Empowering and motivating its students to develop wisdom, live healthfully, care for others, and know God.




The Primacy Collegiate Academy strives to provide an environment rich with opportunities for our students to seek knowledge and the resources for them to find it. We have a variety of assets and technologies that allow students to quickly and easily assess quality information.

Required iPads

Throughout the beginning of 2011, Primacy has developed and adopted the iPad to be utilized by every teacher and student at their fingertips. The iPad is now the central educational tool used at Primacy. This transition unleashed limitless possibilities for accessing the continually emerging digital resources.

Wi-Fi Access throughout campus

Primacy provides high-speed wireless internet access to our students all over campus throughout the day. This allows the iPads to be used as an unlimited resource for any desired educational materials.

Science Lab

Our Science Lab is a controlled space dedicated to the exploration of God’s creations through the Scientific Process. It allows students hands on experience in research, experiments, and measurement as they study the physical and biological world.

iMac Lab

In the Spring 2012 semester, Primacy opened the doors to its first 18-computer iMac Lab. Teachers and students now have the opportunity to collaborate together on creative and innovative classroom projects. Our students can build valuable skills by working with this intuitive, state-of-the-art computing tool. Because these computers, designed for multitasking and creativity, are increasing in popularity and usage worldwide, it can be beneficial for students to become comfortable with Mac operating system as well as Windows.

PC Lab

Our computer lab is attached to our school library and available to our students whenever they need it. They have access to the Microsoft Office Suite, as well as other functional programs, and can print quickly and easily. This invaluable resource was a gift to Primacy from supportive parents of Primacy students and alumni.


Our school library has a wide-variety of English books and resources. Students can find both fiction and non-fiction in varying subject areas, topics, and English-levels. We also provide reference materials that can help students develop their English-language abilities.

Video Production Studio and Green Screen Room

Students can practice and develop their creativity and talent by shooting photos or video in a professional green room environment. Their imaginations can continue developing as they learn to edit this footage with a full suite of Adobe post-production software.

Workout Aerobics Studio

Our facilities include an aerobic- or dance-style studio space with hardwood floors and wrap around mirrors and balance railings. This flexible space allows students a variety of healthy activity options.

Workout Gym

Our basement has been converted to a new workout gym with the newest and safest equipment for our students.  A Personal Fitness class has been added for students to get the best benefit from these machines.