Financial Information


Application Fee: Inclusive in Tuition

All new students are required to pay an application fee of $10,000 TWD, which is credited toward the tuition upon successful enrollment.

If the admission committee accepts the new student after the review process, the application fee is not refundable regardless of whether the applicant actually enrolls at Primacy. 

Tuition per semester

*Partial attendance may allow a tuition discount. Please check with the registration office for details.

$10,000 TWD

322,500 TWD

Tuition includes the following:

  1. Standard load of 7.25 credits per Academic Year
  2. Registration
  3. Unlimited Club Participation
  4. Testing fees
  5. PSAT
  6. SAT testing
  7. **AP testing
  8. ***After-school college prep classes
  9. Unlimited Varsity Sports / Intramurals Participation
  10. Unlimited participation in all Student Association events
  11. Educational Materials (e.g. Tech Applications, Required Writing Notebooks)
  12. University Admissions Counseling and Planning
  13. Class and Graduation fees
  14. Lab Fees for Science / Art courses
  15. ****Uniforms
  16. Student Insurance
  17. English Language Support and Testing

*Space is limited and will be given on a first come first served basis for each test cycle.

**Available to students at Primacy for AP classes taught at Primacy the current or previous year.

***TOEFL, Prep, SAT English Prep, SAT Math Prep, English for English Language Learners

**** ‘Initial’ required uniform set included. If needed, replacement pieces can be traded in after one year due to normal wear and tear or if a student has outgrown the item.

Family Discount

When families have multiple students (siblings) enrolled at the same time, a family discount is applied. The discount is: the oldest student pays full tuition; 10% off on the 2nd child; 15% off subsequent child(ren). (Loyalty and family discounts cannot be combined.)

Loyalty Discount

A student who has a sibling (brother or sister) who has graduated from Primacy will be eligible for a 10% loyalty discount for their entire enrollment. (Loyalty and family discounts cannot be combined.)

Remittance of Payment

  • Bank Account Name:  復臨文教事業股份有限公司
  • Bank Name: Taiwan Shin Kong Commercial Bank, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Branch: 新光銀行 士林分行 (Overseas remittances do not need branch)
  • Account Number: 0480-10-100357-8
*Please FAX a copy of the receipt with the student’s name on it to the school office.