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Financial Information

Payment and Refund Policy
Chinese Version
  1. Tuition and fees are only payable in New Taiwan Dollars (NTD) and are due on or before the first day of each semester in full amount. Furthermore, a student cannot attend any class unless all the tuition and fees have been paid.
  2. Primacy Admissions Committee will review a new student’s application once the application fee is paid in full amount. There will be no refund on application fees for students who are accepted but fail to attend school due to their own personal reasons.
  3. The Registration fee includes all consumables and insurance. The Registration fee is due before the first day of a school year.
  4. The returning students will secure their enrollment only when they paid the registration fee in full amount. Registration fee is non-refundable.
  5. Those who file a refund request before the first day of a school year will receive 90% out of the total fees paid. The 10% retained by the school should not exceed 1,000NTD, and any excess should also be returned to the requesting party.
  6. If a student files a refund request ON or AFTER the first day that school starts, but within 1/3 of the session or total teaching hours, he or she then shall receive a 50% refund out of the total fees paid.
  7. No refund on the total fees paid to the student who files for withdrawal beyond 1/3 of the session or total teaching hours.
  8. Students can apply for a personal locker during the semester and a key will be issued to the applicant and it is required to be returned to the school either on departure, or at the end of the semester. And in the situation of broken locker door, vandalism, and lost keys, then it will be the applicant’s responsibility to pay for the repair and clean up costs on all damages, mismanagement, and costs to replace the key and lock.