Forensic Mystery

Primacy’s Science Club scripted and conducted a “Forensic Mystery” where 30 students were divided into 5 teams and had to solve a mystery using their investigative and scientific skills. Who committed “the crime” and how will the students catch the culprit? They were given character backgrounds, certain clues, and 50 minutes to solve the mystery. …

Care for Others Day

Care for Others Day: The third Pillar of Primacy’s mission was met as our students served different parts of the Taipei community. While some students worked with Abigail Ministries, a group that helps women and children in need, another group played music in a local hospital. Previous Next

SA Banquet 2019

Primacy students were given a chance to “Rewrite the Stars,” which was the theme for their annual Student Association Banquet. Students dressed-to-impress and enjoyed a brilliant talent show with a strong opening number by their SA Officers, a series of photo booths and locations, and a huge raffle with a grand prize of a FREE …

Fiji Mission Trip

Over the Christmas break, several Primacy students and two faculty gave up their vacation time to serve people in Fiji whose village was ravaged by a recent typhoon. They helped repaint and restore several buildings including homes that were damaged. Previous Next

History Bowl

Primacy academics take on the International History Bowl in southern Taipei stretching their understanding (and memory) of history. Previous Next