The Primacy Collegiate Academy

Empowering and motivating its students to develop wisdom, live healthfully, care for others, and know God.

Our Staff

Michael BerglundAT, BSIT, MA, MSEPrincipal02-8866-4000 ext. 150
Geoffrey McRaeBA., MA.EdVice Principal of Academic Affairs02-8866-4000 ext. 147
Andrew CaldwellBA, BS, MAVice Principal/ AP Social Studies02-8866-4000 ext. 107
Jeff ParksDirector of Student Leadership & Activities02-8866-4000 ext. 101
Alice BennettRegistrar02-8866-4000 ext. 122
Lauren MarshBA Chaplain/ Community Service Coordinator02-8866-4000 ext. 106
Caren LiaoBA Associate Registrar/ Guidance Counselor02-8866-4000 ext. 103
Nestor ArceBA Spanish, Foods, Journalism02-8866-4000 ext. 112
Harry BennettBSInformation Technology Manager02-8866-4000 ext. 102
Bonniemae BolBLA, MAEnglish02-8866-4000 ext. 115
TK BolBLA, MBAPhysics, Chemistry02-8866-4000 ext. 113
Joice CaldwellBA, LLBAdministrative Assistant02-8866-4000 ext. 148
Dwight CrichtonBFA, MFAArt, AP Art02-8866-4000 ext. 128
Scott ChangMarketing, Promotions, Special Events02-8866-4000 ext. 109
Lindsay GardnerBS Biology/ Science02-8866-4000 ext. 139
Stephania GuthrieBAELL, Debate, ASL, Personal Finance02-8866-4000 ext. 137
Da HsuFacilities Manager02-8866-4000 ext. 126
Ma-Ann HsuBAAdministrative Support, Technology02-8866-4000 ext. 125
Victoria JohnsonBA Social Studies, SA Sponsor02-8866-4000 ext. 134
Gabriel JonesAA, BAELL, Science02-8866-4000 ext. 106
Cancy LiaoEnrollment Services02-8866-4000 ext. 109
Maria MorrisBS Physical EducationPE02-8866-4000 ext. 127
Irina PopovaBA, MA, MBAWorld History, Communication02-8866-4000 ext. 131
Dr. Llyn ScottBA, MA, PhDEnglish, Writing, Drama02-8866-4000 ext. 114
Eric ShenStatistics, Pre-Calculus, AP CalculusBS Math02-8866-4000 ext. 121
Grace WangMAccAdministrative Services02-8866-4000 ext. 105
Wawa WangBAAdministrative and Student Services02-8866-4000 ext. 124
Joanne WardBA, MBAAlgebra, Geometry02-8866-4000 ext. 119
Grace WithmoryBA MA ELLDrama, Writing, Photoshop02-8866-4000 ext. 123
Billy HoGuard