College Fair!

Tomorrow – October 13th, Primacy will host eight (8) universities! It will begin with Lunch with Recruiter, then there will be a window of opportunity for parents to meet “one on one” with the university of your choice. For students who have Study Hall B-Day Period 6, you, too, can schedule to meet with any …

2 Universities to Visit Tomorrow

2 universities are coming tomorrow; Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (lunch time, 6th floor), and Temple University (8:30am 2nd floor). 10th graders are required for Embry Riddle. Parents are welcome to attend.

Primacy Sabbath this weekend

This coming Sabbath we are going to have a Primacy Sabbath! Come! Bring a friend, bring a parent. Stay for an hour, stay for the day. It’s up to you, just come and enjoy the fellowship.

ASU College Recruiting

Tomorrow, Friday during lunch, Arizona State University will be here to inform you on what they have to offer, and any questions you ask. Bring your lunch, bring your questions.  Juniors, this is required for you.

2 College Recruiters Coming Tomorrow

Two Opportunities to visit with college recruiters! We invite you to bring your lunch to 6th floor and take your lunch period to visit with UC San Diego college recruiter. You will need to plan ahead, you will not have time to go out to get lunch, you need to have it here on campus …