Community Services

Students helping local farmer harvest ginger

“Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.” Proverbs 3:27

At Primacy, we feel our mission to “care for others” is a special blessing and a valuable calling. It is through serving others and helping those in a time of need that we often find true purpose and meaning in our own lives. Our hope is not only to care for our Primacy family, but also to invest in the community around us. Because of this, our faculty and students regularly support many non-profit foundations and charitable organizations. We continue to seek for new and different opportunities that we can support and care. We provide assistance to students in finding individualized community service placements that fit students interests and can give them experience that can help them in their future goals. We believe these experiences will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Ongoing Community Service Projects

  • Taiwan Adventist Foundation:  Jane Lin (former TAPA/Primacy staff) is executive officer of the Taiwan Adventist Foundation, a registered charity operating on the island and reaching its most underprivileged peoples, including indigenous farmers who are often exploited by larger agricultural firms buying their produce; students in elementary schools of fewer than 28 pupils, and Taiwan’s poor, whose homes are sometimes in great disrepair. Primacy students regularly help Jane assemble the Happy Craft Kits to give to school students in these lower income areas to help them learn new skills using their hands to make simple objects to sell.
  • Mentor Program: The Community Service Club hosts a weekly Mentor Program for local elementary kids helping them with their homework, and spending some time playing.
  • Thanksgiving Taiwan Mission Tour: Every year during the Thanksgiving break, Primacy plans a Mission Tour to find some way to provide assistance to, build up, renovate, and/or provide programming to local and aboriginal communities across Taiwan.
  • Seventh-day Adventist Church: Primacy is a Seventh-day Adventist institution, so we regularly support and participate in community efforts and activities in conjunction with worldwide Adventist church organization.
  • Fundraising projects: Our students participate in a wide variety of fundraising campaigns and projects to provide support for worthy causes and community needs.
  • Clothing drives/donations: We support clothing drives and donations for homeless shelters and international relief efforts, especially following the recent tsunamis and earthquakes in Japan and the Philippines.
  • Harmony Home Association- Taiwan: The Primacy students regularly volunteer time and assistance to the Taipei Harmony Home for children affected by HIV/AIDS. They often visit these kids on the weekend just to play, interact with them, and show these beautiful Taiwanese youth some love. In turn, these kids’ bubbly personalities and energy warm our hearts beyond anticipation.
  • ORBIS International- Taiwan: ORBIS is an organization that provides mobile, fully-functioning eye hospital-planes to remote locations around the world. Our students provide translation services for their training seminars and staffing to fundraising and promotional events.
  • Child Welfare League Foundation: The Child Welfare League Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to child welfare, both in the fields of direct and indirect services.  Primacy students take off-class time to help the administration with different duties and clean toys.
  • Taiwan Digital Talking Book Association: Taiwan Digital Talking Books Association (TDTB) is a member-supported organization dedicated to the development of advanced technology and the adoption of international standards in the production of digital talking books for people with print disabilities and dyslexia in Taiwan.  Primacy students volunteer their free time to record books for this association.
  • Andrew Food Bank: Under the conviction of “They shall not starve!” Andrew Charity Association of R.O.C. works to end hunger of children living in poverty and helps them to achieve greater dignity and independence.

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Others Organizations We Support:

  • Garden of Hope Foundation
  • Genesis Social Welfare Foundation
  • Huashan Social Welfare Foundation
  • Homeless Foundation
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities
  • John Tung Foundation
  • Taipei Audio Library for the Blind

Community Recognition for Service

Prudential Spirit of Community Awards

Throughout the years, more than 125 of Primacy’s students and alumni have been honored for their excellence in service by the Prudential Certificate of Merit Award. Two of our students have received a distinguished recognition: one a Certificate of Accomplishment Award (given by the Committee to only 120 applicants each year) and another received the National Honoree Award, the highest level of recognition (given to only thirty applicants each year).

Kevin Chien and Betty Liao with their awards from Prudential Spirit of Community Award ceremony.

In 2012, TAPA/Primacy was honored by the Prudential Spirit of Community Award Committee as an excellent school to promote community service to students. We are proud of the countless hours of service and spirit of kindness that our students and alumni continue to demonstrate and are grateful of the ongoing parental support and encouragement that enable these efforts.

Check out these links for other Primacy students and alumni who have been recognized for their efforts and service throughout the Taipei Community.

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