Study Tours / Mission Trips

Upcoming Events: Indonesia Science Camp

We are pleased to announce the options for our 2018 international science study tour in summer. This study tour will take place between app. June 12-25, 2018 and will be a two week research trip to a field research station. The students will help actual scientists collect and analyze data for both jungle and reef ecosystems. This tour is set up to follow the environmental science curriculum as enrichment will count as a full year of environmental science class. The student will spend one week in the jungle assisting in reptile, mammal and bird surveys while attending nightly lectures given by the research scientists. The second week is spent on the reef conducting fish, coral, and invertebrate surveys again attending nightly lectures given by the research scientists. During the trip students will be completing journals and activities provided by the scientists. Their assessment will be based on completion of the trip and their journal at the end of the experience. Further, this trip will enrich each student’s scientific education. The studies students will assist with are actual research projects that will eventually be published in scientific journals. The attending students will receive a certificate at the end of the experience acknowledging their involvement in the research project that they will be able to present universities. Meanwhile, students will obtain three college credits through Sierra College in California. Students will also be networking with scientists, professors, and other high school students from around the world.

Greece Study Tour

TPCA holds a study tour every year for students to experience a different culture. By visiting different countries, students can have a better understanding of the world. Greece is a country with beautiful places to visit such as the Acropolis of Athens monument, Mediterranean style houses, and The Parthenon. The food people eat in Greece is very unique. For example, charcoal-grilled and spit-roasted meats are their traditional meals. In conclusion, you should really consider this study tour because you will gain lots of knowledge and understand the world a bit more.

International travel provides invaluable opportunities for allowing individuals of any age to develop a broader understanding of the world. These experiences are even more valuable throughout adolescence when youth are struggling to understand their place in the world and then environment around them. We want to provide these opportunities for our youth with the facilitation, guidance, and mentoring of our faculty and staff. Participating in one of our yearly mission trips (focused on community service, making a difference, and helping others) or study tours (focused on cultural and educational opportunities and experiences) can provide our students with memorable and valuable insights that impact the course of their lives.

2017 Amsterdam Formosa Study Tour (3/27-4/4, 2017) – please use the attachment and the exact promotion title for the study tour. Also, I am also including one student’s photo journal.

Summer 2017 Korean Film Production Camp

Make friends, make films, meet professional
film directors, and have fun this summer at DINFAC!

Spring 2017 Amsterdam Formosa Study Tour (Presentation)

Spring 2016 Mission Trip

Yunnan, China  -Students attending the mission trip will receive community service hours rather than academic credit. Please click on the above link for an overview of each tour offered.

Summer 2015 Study Tours

  • South Korea Video Film & Production Camp – travel to Anseong, So. Korea’s beautiful forest reserve to join 150 students from 8 different countries.  20 teams will create short films in 5 days.  PLUS, instruction in professional equipment and instruction in camera techniques, filming and editing, acting, singing, dancing,  sightseeing, and a talent show.
  • Taiwan & 2 week Amsterdam Tour based on Tales of Dutch Formosa – Experience the legacy of Dutch Formosa through a shared history of Taiwan and Holland. While in Amsterdam you will travel to many of the historic and popular sites while learning how the Dutch influenced Taiwan.
  • US History, US Eastern Seaboard – 1492-1865, Colonial beginnings to the Civil War. Study American History where it happened.  Major cities to visit include; New York, Boston, Philadelphia ,Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Richmond

2015 Mission Trip

Inner Mongolia Project – to work with ELIV to plant 1,500 trees on the edges of the the Mongolian desert to slow down desertification of forest land.

2013-2014 Study Tours

  • Spring Israel-Jordan Study Tour -to study archaeology, current events, geography, history, literature, photography, religion, social studies, and travel writing.
  • Peru Summer School -May be taken for Spanish I, II, or III credit (will also receive community service hours for some trip activities)

2012-2013 Study Tour/Mission Trip

  • India Mission Trip- To build two 1-day Church structures with Maranatha International and  VBS programs.
  • Central Europe Study Tour- Visiting famous, historic cities including Budapest, Vienna, Prague, and Munich

2011-2012 Study Tour/Mission Trip

  • Philippines Mission Trip – Painting and renovations of a small mission school
  • Italy Study Tour – Visiting famous, historic cities including Rome, Florence, and Venice

2010-2011 Study Tour/Mission Trip

  • Cambodia Mission Trip – Volunteering/painting at an orphanage and English-language programs for mission schools
  • England/Scotland Study Tour – Visiting historic London, Stonehenge, Edinburgh Castle, and a Shakespearean play

2009-2010 Study Tour/Mission Trip

  • China Mission Trip – Providing English classes and health classes at a community center
  • Australia Study Tour – Visiting Sydney Opera House, Sydney Aquarium, Royal Botanical Gardens, and Gold Coast beaches

2008-2009 Study Tour/Mission Trip

  • Penghu, Taiwan Mission/Study Tour – Community service at local school, island hopping, sea-turtle conservation center, and canoeing/snorkeling
  • Italy/Switzerland Study Tour – Visiting cities like Rome, Milan, Zurich, and Geneva
  • Japan Study Tour – Visiting Hiroshima Peace Park, Panasonic Center-Tokyo, Tokyo Disney Land, and Tokyo Midtown

2007-2008 Mission Trip

India Mission Trip – Building dormitories for mission school and digging wells to provide clean water