College Admissions

Because Primacy is a college preparatory high school, our focus and goal is to ensure that by graduation our students can successfully transition into the college or university of their choice. Any top-ranking college or university with a good reputation searches for students with more than a good academic track record. Their admissions boards look beyond student’s academic performance and testing scores and search for students that demonstrate involvement in and commitment to activities and communities in their interest areas. They search for students that have carefully and purposefully developed their interests, their perspectives, and their voices.

Our institution focuses on helping students build confident, independent minds that are equipped with skills necessary for success both in and out of the classroom. Not only do students need opportunity to build effective study habits and absorb knowledge, but they also need opportunities that will help them to build strong inter-personal relationships.

College Counseling Services

Primacy offers college counseling services to all of our Seniors and Soon-to-be Seniors (otherwise known as Juniors). Our Registrar/College Counselor works as a liaison between Primacy, Atlanta Adventist Academy (our American accrediting institution), and the colleges/universities of our students choices. Students begin meeting with the counselor upon admittance to Primacy to ensure that students meet all academic benchmarks necessary for high school graduation, but also for effective college preparation.

What does a College Counselor do?

  • Review of high school performance and records
  • Advising about credits needed to graduate with an American high school diploma
  • Ongoing transcript management- to supply future institutions with an accurate record of academic work completed at Primacy
  • Recommendations for schools that fit the students’ performance and desired careers
  • Assistance with college application packets, recommendation letters, and application requirements