The Primacy Collegiate Academy

Empowering and motivating its students to develop wisdom, live healthfully, care for others, and know God.

Forms and Documents

These downloadable forms and documents will be useful for various aspects of student life at Primacy and are placed here for your convenience.

School Calendar 2017-2018: Download our school calendar for the 2017-2018 year. Make sure to check our digital calendar regularly for updates or changes to event days and for event times.

Academic Schedule: 2017 (Fall) & 2018 (Spring): Download either of our academic schedules for the school year. Any changes to the 2018 spring semester will be updated here.

Primacy Absence Excuse Form: Download English or Chinese versions. In order for school absences to be excused this form needs to be filled out with a parent’s signature and turned into Student Services within 3 school days of an absence. Forms can be delivered or emailed to Ms Caren Liao.

Official Student Handbook: Our school rules, policies, and expectations of all aspects of school life are outlined in our Student Handbook. Topics covered include standards of behavior and conduct, grounds for school discipline and probation, and academic programming and requirements.  *There have been several updates for the 2017-2018 school year, please read carefully.

Add-Drop Form: During the first two weeks of every semester, class schedule changes may be made. All class schedule changes require the Add/Drop Form be filled out and turned in to the registrar. (The first change is free; Other changes have a 1500NTD charge.)

Class Schedule Adjustment Request: Seniors at Primacy, who do not have a full load of classes, may request to adjust their school schedule in order to make room for additional off-campus opportunities. All schedule requests must be verified by the parent and approved by the Principal.

School Events Permission Form: The all-encompassing consent form for all school-sponsored field trips and events (signed one time each year). Once signed, this consent form allows for the student to participate in all scheduled school calendar events.

Full Load Agreement: If a student has a 3.0 or above in the previous semester, they may request to have a full class schedule without a study-hall and/or with additional academic demands. This form verifies that he or she understands the responsibility of a full class schedule.

Independent Study: Occasionally a student may need/want a class that doesn’t fit into their class schedule. After getting the Registrar’s advice, the student may request an independent or self-directed study course option.  Please see the Registrar’s office for further information.

Official Transcript Request: After moving on from Primacy (to other high schools and colleges), students will need to have Primacy provide official transcripts to all future schools in order to receive credit for the work completed here. (Allow up to 7 working days for the request to be processed. The first five requests are free of charge.)

Class Withdraw Form: After the add/drop period ends, students may still withdraw from specific classes during the remainder of the semester for various personal reasons. This form is for course changes after the two week ADD/DROP time period based on the current school calendar.  Students requesting to withdraw from classes must receive the permission of the Registrar, parents/guardian, and the teachers(s).  If the class is withdrawn after the first 4.5 weeks of class, the student will receive a failing grade.  If the class is withdrawn prior to the end of the first 4.5 week period, the student will receive a Withdraw Pass (WP) or Withdraw Fail (WF), depending on his or her performance up to the point of withdrawal.

School Withdraw Form: If students/families would like to withdraw during any school year, Primacy requires written notification. The withdrawal request will not be considered official until this form is turned in to Student Services. (Verbal notification is not sufficient.)

Technology Agreement: Digital technology provides a huge asset to education when it is utilized appropriately. All students need to understand and agree to follow the outlined standards of conduct regarding digital technology usage at Primacy.

Summer Independent Study: Students may request an independent or self-directed study course option in order to continue progressing in their academics during the Summer months. Consult with the Registrar to see if this option is right for you.

Community Services Record Form:  Students may print off this form to record their Community Services hours.  Please get it signed and sealed by your supervisor.