iPad Setup

iTunes Setup

Although highly valuable and simple to use, the iPad is not a stand-alone device. It requires a parent program called iTunes to manage the applications (called “apps”) and transfer the data (called “syncing”) from an external computer. Once iTunes is downloaded onto your computer, you must set up a personal account that contains some method of payment (usually credit/debit card or iTunes gift cards). All apps can easily be purchased from the internet-iTunes store and downloaded to your personal iTunes account and synced onto your iPad (or purchased through the app store on your iPad directly).

Things to remember:

  • A Credit Card is necessary to purchase the Primacy-required apps onto your iTunes account
  • You will need a Taiwanese account in order for the school to be able to provide class-specific apps for students in the future. (This does not have to be your primary iTunes account. You can set up a “free,” non-credit card backed Taiwanese iTunes account.)
  • You will need to provide Primacy with the email address attached to your Taiwan iTunes account.


Please provide this information during the school registration process. We strongly recommend our students use their Primacy email address as their iTunes account for convenience in school communication.

Help and further information:

First-Time Setup

In order to use your iPad for the first time you must use your USB cord to sync it with your computer/iTunes for the initial setup process. If your iTunes is open, then it will auto-detect your iPad connection to the computer and initiate the setup process for you. Click here for more detailed instructions.