About Us

Mission Statement

The Primacy Collegiate Academy (Primacy) is dedicated to providing each student in attendance with a distinctly clear Seventh-day Adventist education. Our dedication to the values and heritage of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the clear objectives it has set for education has never wavered. Primacy’s mission is defined by our belief that students should be taught and encouraged to live healthfully, develop wisdom, care for others, and know God. This mission is integrated into every aspect of school life and lived out on the athletic field, in the boardroom, classroom, and every other place students and faculty live and participate in school related activities. 

Primacy Leadership

The Primacy Collegiate Academy is owned and operated by The Primacy Education Group.

“It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish, so never give up!”

-Dr. Adams

“Always be willing to improvise, adapt, and overcome when facing uncertainties and challenges in life.”

-Dick Yuan

“Life’s physical possessions can be fleeting.  Knowledge will last a lifetime.”

– Michael R. Berglund


– Dr. Adams

OXFORD, England
– Honorary Professorship, Innovative Education Business

– Graduate Certificate, Executive Leadership

– Ed.D, School Improvement
– Ed.S, Physical Education

– MA, Education

– Communications, Physical Education, Religion


-Mr. Yuan

Andrews University, MI, USA
– Master of Science in Administration

Taiwan Adventist College, Taiwan
– Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration


-Mr. Berglund

University of Wisconsin-Superior, USA
– M.S.E., Educational Administration

Eastern Michigan University, USA
– M.A., History

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, USA
– B.A., Social Studies Education

Andrews University, Michgan, USA
– AT, Aviation Flight
– B.S.I.T., Aviation Flight/Business Management

Message from the Chairman

Dear Parents and Friends of Primacy,

The Primacy Education Group was formed in 2012 when I was serving as the Principal of Taipei Adventist Preparatory Academy. Together with my two vice principals we created the group because we believe in the value of a ‘student outcomes’ focused approach to operating a school.

Many education companies are profit driven and measure success by investment money raised and they put out press statements on how their brand is expanding.  But what about the students?

The Primacy Education Group measures success by supporting students in their mental, physical, spiritual and emotional growth. Our success is measured when Primacy graduates succeed in university studies and a quality life of service well beyond.

We do provide education management and consulting services to our global clients and we did form out of the 2nd largest private education network in the world. But I cannot stress enough that our focus is on support for our students and partnering with parents to achieve their goals.

Kind Regards,

Steven Lee Adams, Ed.D


Administrative Leadership


Dr. Ashim Pheirim


American College of Education, USA
– Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Administration Focus Area: International Education

University of Pune, India
– Master of Arts English language & literature

Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeth, India
– Master of Arts Sociology

Spicer Memorial College, India
– Bachelor of Liberal Arts


Jeff Parks

Associate Principal

Chattanooga State, Chattanooga, TN
– Emergency Medicine EMT-IV BS Paramedics Minor in EMS

Southern Adventist University Collegedale, TN
–  Emphasis in P.E. and Classics


Debbie Corkum

Business Manager

Union College, Lincoln, NE
– Bachelor of Education in Secondary Education

Office Administration

Burman University, AB, Canada
– Associate of Science in Office Administration


Since 2012

Baylor University

After 10 years of service to the students and families of Taipei, TAPA changed its name once again to include a stronger statement of the mission and goals we have for our school in the future. We are excited to share that our name is now The Primacy Collegiate Academy (or “Primacy”), and that our logo has been updated to include symbols that directly relate to our school mission statement.

Today, Primacy offers approximately 130 students an enriched, expanding academic program. Our fully-functioning, transition-to-English-fluency training smoothly integrates into a traditional American high school curriculum. As educators, our passion is to provide a holistic, progressive 21st Century educational environment that includes not only academics, but also emphasis on the development of students’ characters through building healthy lifestyles, caring for others, and knowing God. We hope that through their experiences at our school, and opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom, our students develop habits that lead to success for them throughout their lives.

**The Primacy Collegiate Academy is an American High School Curriculum, Multilingual, International and Christian learning community environment for young people from different countries, especially for local Taiwan high school students. 

Adventist College Preparatory Center

Since 2002

In 2002, Adventist College Preparatory Center (ACPC) was founded with the purpose of providing part-time English Language tutoring for high school students and college-placement assistance for students interested in attending English-speaking universities. During the first year, the school provided tutoring to 30 students and college-placement to 6 students. Throughout the following years, the student population increased and, in 2005, the English-language training was eventually integrated into an American curriculum high school. In 2005, the Academy had its first high school graduates—a class of three. In the fall of 2005, ACPC changed its name to Taipei Adventist Preparatory Academy or more commonly known as TAPA.


Taipei Adventist Preparatory Academy

Since 2005

The Taipei Adventist Preparatory Academy continued to grow throughout the years until in 2012, it reached over 150 students. During this time TAPA had many successes. One of the most notable was the transition to becoming a 1:1 iPad school in the fall of 2011- the first in the Seventh-day Adventist school system (of over 7800 schools world-wide) and the first in Taiwan.