The Primacy Collegiate Academy follows the American educational system designated for private schools. We are accredited by Cognia accreditation agency. Cognia is the largest professional body of educators‘ world-wide covering more than 20 million students in all 50 states and more than 70 countries world-wide. Cognia provides oversight of our curriculum and assures we work continuously on academic achievement. Because of our accreditation The Primacy Collegiate Academy issues students an American high school diploma recognized by western colleges and universities.

The Primacy Collegiate Academy holds Cognia Accreditation.

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The Primacy Collegiate Academy is an  American International School and is one of the NCAA Eligible schools. 

And we are No. 7 in the Taiwan and No. 2 in the Greater Taipei Metropolitan area to offer NCAA Eligibility to students.  Furthermore, there are only 7 schools in Taiwan to offer such eligibility.  

As of December 2018, Primacy has officially become a member of ACSI. (Association of Christian Schools International)