Principal's Welcome

Mr. Berglund

A Primacy education is a distinct, holistic approach to learning.  Education embodies much more than just the academic pursuit of knowledge.  Complete education also includes physical, spiritual, and emotional elements.   It’s when you combine the pursuit of knowledge with the physical, spiritual, and emotional that you develop a complete approach to learning.   The fusion of these four elements is what sets the Primacy education apart from other educational philosophies.

While Primacy does offer a score of possibilities to our students, academic achievement is a top priority.  Rigor and relevance underscore our curriculum, and although our teacher’s main objective is to present our curriculum in professional manner, our teachers are skilled in making sure every student is afforded an equal chance to master the curriculum.  Academic students of all levels can find a home at Primacy, as we aim to challenge students with Advanced Placement®  courses, while at the same time assisting developing students in achieving their highest academic level.

Part of a holistic Primacy education is to encourage students to live active and healthy lives.  The Primacy staff has clear understanding of the correlation between academic achievement and a healthy lifestyle.  Exercise, good emotional balance, and being involved in extra-curricular activities, such sports and clubs, allows students to work on developing their whole being, which in turn gives needed skills to balance the stresses of life.

As a Christian educational institution a major part of our philosophy is to care for others and know God.   At Primacy, we work with our students to develop an understanding that all people are created equal, and should therefore be treated with respect.  The values that make up this philosophy include mutual respect, caring for others and acceptance of all people.

Primacy understands the high degree of importance placed on educating your student.  On behalf of the faculty and staff of Primacy I can truly say that that we believe in holistic education, and that we have seen the success of our philosophy in our graduating students.  The Primacy staff is here to serve you.  Should you have questions please feel free to contact us.  We look forward to serving the educational needs of your family.


Michael R. Berglund.


**The Primacy Collegiate Academy is an American High School Curriculum, Multilingual, International and Christian learning community environment for young people from different countries, especially for local Taiwan high school students.